School starts when now? {South Surrey BC children’s photographer}

So I woke up in a cold sweat this morning with the realization that school starts in a week!

Friends, help a sister out…my oldest little is heading to Kindergarten and I am panicking…for three main reasons:

1)  The thought of her being away from me every day all day makes we want to cry into my cornflakes.

2)  Getting out the door EVERY SINGLE DAY and arriving at school on time for the morning bell at 8:30am may just cause me to have a brain aneurysm.

3)  Packing a lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY that actually gets eaten and doesn’t consist of toast and cheese strings may also contribute to the afore mentioned brain aneurysm.

What to do?  What to do?

Pinterest of course!  OK Pinterest ain’t gonna help me much in the convincing my child that she doesn’t need to make 47 costume changes and pack the entire contents of the house with her on the way to school bit but it sure will help in the school lunches department.

Here are some great ideas you might also love:

31 days of school lunches

There’s even a printable PDF with a checklist so you can be the organized domestic goddess you’ve always dreamed of.

What’s this got to with photography?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing but I figured if I was panicking, some of you are too.  Let’s be in this together.  If you have any ideas for lunches, or anything else for that matter hit reply and let me know!

Before I leave you I will offer one photography tip:  Mamas, GET IN THE FRAME!  I totally understand being nervous or unwilling to get in front of the camera but do it anyway.  Get in there and snuggle your babies; hand the camera over to somebody else for a change.  I am being brave and including an image of me sitting on a dock in my BATHING SUIT….my BATHING SUIT!!  Your kids don’t care if you don’t look perfect, haven’t brushed your hair, haven’t lost those last 10 pounds…they just want to look back when they’re older and know you were there.  Give them that gift.

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It’s a journey {South Surrey BC photographer}

I was spending a little time doing everything except what I SHOULD be doing (like cleaning, making dinner, preventing the children from eating cat hair off the floor) and I found myself looking through some old photos.  I was struck by how much my photography has changed in just a few short years.  I treasure every single one of the images I have of my babies but peeps if we’re keeping it real they ain’t all gems.  And that’s OK!  Everybody has to start somewhere.  They just do.  Photography is no different.  It’s a journey that is never ending.  There are still times when I feel like chucking my camera out the window and taking up macaroni art as a hobby instead but it’s often in those moments that I stretch and grow a little bit as a photographer and I carry on.  I guess what I mean is that if you feel like there’s something you want to learn/do/create but you don’t know where to start then  my advice is simply to do just that…start.  My other piece of super un-original advice is to try not to get too caught up in the destination; as you wander your path your goals might change.  There is no real “end”, it’s a journey.  Enjoy it!!


I want to hear about the journeys you all are on, so spill it!

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It’s good to have friends in high places {South Surrey BC photographer}

A couple of weeks ago a fabulous photographer (Jackie of Jackie Jean Photography) asked if she could interview me and feature that interview on her blog as weekly inspiration.  So I said no.  Just kidding!  I jumped up and down a little and said OF COURSE because Jackie is pretty much a genius and it felt awfully good to think she might consider my work to be inspirational.  If you’d like to check out the interview head on over to her blog HERE.  While you’re there check out her work and if you are a fellow photographer she has an AMAZING collection of mentorships, workshops, photoshop tutorials, and much more to help you up your game.  Happy Sunday night friends.

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Mama love (and daddy too…) {South Surrey BC Family Portrait Photographer}

Well…this girl is making a serious attempt to get back on track in terms of blogging.  I have no good excuses for getting so behind except to say that I kind of always feel like a chicken running around with my head cutoff but I think that might just be life with two wee ones and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Wowie that was a run on sentence.  So, please forgive me, please enjoy, please let me know what you think because I love reading your comments on blog posts!  OK, enough about me, let’s talk at about these gorgeous peeps.  I loved this family SO much.  They were fun, easy going, and up for anything which makes this dream job even dreamier.  The love these parents have for their little guy is crazy obvious and all littles should be so lucky to have this kind of “I love and like you with reckless abandon” in their lives.

Fall Family Portraits

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Light and Shadows – Bringing back backlighting…not that it ever left {South Surrey BC children’s photographer}

So…not too long ago I posted a tutorial on how to backlight; in it I professed my undying love for that golden hue.  So, imagine my happiness when this month’s blog circle topic was backlighting.  Yippeee!!!  So I set about the task of choosing my favourite images from recent weeks and I came to a conclusion and that conclusion is as follows:  I have a serious problem.  I don’t love backlighting.  I am obsessed with it.  Truly.  In fact I would be  hard pressed to pull out images that were not backlit.  Of course I have SOME as I also dearly love soft directional light…like the kind that comes from a window but man oh man I am a backlighting maniac.  But before you all stage an intervention let me say this, if backlighting is wrong I don’t want to be right, man.

So this first image is my new favourite of Miss Isla.  She was in a bit of a solemn kind of mood when we shot this…she might’ve been a wee bit tired but it seemed like more than that; a sadness that is not normally present in my over the top vivacious living life out loud little girl.  I think because of that this image fills me with emotion and makes me want to reach through the screen to love her up.  Excuse me while I shed tears all over my keypad.  Sigh.

See what I mean?  I didn’t ask her to pose like this, she did it on her own and although that sadness is palpable I love the vulnerability of this image.  It’s a wonderful reminder that these wee ones have needs that must be met and feelings that must be acknowledged, encouraged, and nurtured.  Why is my keypad so wet?  Did somebody spill some water?  Blubber McGee over here.

Now, this is more like my girl.  She is fearless.  What’s that mum?  Sit on a rock in the middle of a stream?  No problem.  Have I mentioned she’s three?  I swear, zero fear.  ZERO.  Her lack of fear is more than compensated by mine as I nearly have a heart attack 47 times a day over her shenanigans.  Disclaimer:  my mama was just outside the frame camera left spotting my girl in case she should slip off her perch…into the 2 inch deep water.

Here’s a little snippet of what you might hear in our house from the moment little feet hit the ground running “Isla, please don’t hug your sister quite so hard, that might be enough kisses, where are your pants?  I swear I put pants on you this morning.  Mummy is in charge of feeding the baby but thank you so much for helping the baby shampoo her hair with yogourt.  Where are your pants?”  Needless to say as a mama to these two crazy girls I die over this image.  The light here is stronger than I normally use but I really wanted to shoot in this private orchard and this was the only time of day we were allowed in so as the great Tim Gunn would say you just “make it work people”.  I love this interaction because it’s a glimpse of the stronger than oak sisterhood bond that is slowly but surely forming between the two of them.  I swear there is something wrong with my keypad…there is water all over it.

I am marginally better at updating my Facebook page than I am at updating this blog so if you want to see the latest don’t forget to like my page HERE.

And please please please do yourselves a favour and keeping hopping down this blog circle path….next up is Laura Morita from Laura Morita Photography.  Yes, THE Laura Morita so you know you have to go…go now…right HERE


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[…] Thank you for reading my blog. If you have not see my previous months assignments, here is January’s window light, February’s artificial light, silhouettes in March, and chiaroscuro in April. Next on our monthly circle is uber talented Lindsay Faber from gorgeous Vancouver. You know you want to see it just because it’s Vancouver. So head over and check it out what she did for her backlit assignment HERE. […]

Laura Morita-YeunMay 31, 2014 - 2:26 pm

I know I already told you these were wonderful, but I figgered I’d leave a little love for you too, cuz um, they are wonderful and you are hilarious. Seriously adore each of these. Beautifully done. So happy to have you in this circle! xoxo

LynnJune 1, 2014 - 3:25 am

How beautiful your words are to go with your post! You have me in tears here. The images are heart-stoppingly gorgeous too. The perfect combination!

JeanineJune 22, 2014 - 9:45 am

I’ve already shared my praise for these images on FB but I’ve gotta do it again! These are so gorgeous!! I love when you share about life with your beautiful girls!