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Do you remember going to your grandma’s house and looking through old photos for hours and hours?  I do.  The rounded corners, the orange hue like a warm sunny day, and that feeling of wonder and connection to all of the people you love the very most in this world.

I know that when I say that time goes by far too fast I am not saying anything remotely unique.  In fact it’s bordering on cliché but I feel that no truer words have ever been spoken.  This sense of time  and life rushing by was intensified the moment I became a mother.  I found myself taking hundreds and hundreds of images so that I could remember exactly how tiny my daughter’s feet were the day she came into this world…the way she looked when she first learned to smile.  I began to realize that these images were the most important things I owned.

When I pick up my camera I get excited about the connection, the smile, the laugh, the furrowed brow, the pouty lip, the tiny toes, the twirl, the magic that I will capture forever.

Let me help you remember.  Let me capture a bit of your soul.