Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that you were high fiving the other parents in the school parking lot because you didn’t have to make ANOTHER. SINGLE. LUNCH. for 60 days?  SIXTY!  Sixty glorious mornings of not having to drag your children kicking and screaming (or is that just mine?) to school.  Well my friends…that seemingly endless summer is, well, ending.  What makes it even harder (if you’re a  sentimental fool like yours truly) is sending your babies off for another year of growing older, of growing taller, and of learning inappropriate words on the playground.  So, let’s freeze a little bit of time shall we?  It’s important to document these milestones and I wanted to give you a few tips on how to do just that.  Before your littles head off to their first day of class make sure you snap a quick picture.  I’m sure you’ve seen images of kiddos holding up a sign that says their name, grade level, and date; that’s a great way to keep your “first day of school” photos organized.  Try to get outside as early as possible while the sun is still relatively low in the sky.  Position your little one so that the sun is behind them and slightly off to one side to give them some lovely backlight glow making them look like the little angels that they are.  Or are not.





Now, where is my box of tissues?!