So I woke up in a cold sweat this morning with the realization that school starts in a week!

Friends, help a sister out…my oldest little is heading to Kindergarten and I am panicking…for three main reasons:

1)  The thought of her being away from me every day all day makes we want to cry into my cornflakes.

2)  Getting out the door EVERY SINGLE DAY and arriving at school on time for the morning bell at 8:30am may just cause me to have a brain aneurysm.

3)  Packing a lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY that actually gets eaten and doesn’t consist of toast and cheese strings may also contribute to the afore mentioned brain aneurysm.

What to do?  What to do?

Pinterest of course!  OK Pinterest ain’t gonna help me much in the convincing my child that she doesn’t need to make 47 costume changes and pack the entire contents of the house with her on the way to school bit but it sure will help in the school lunches department.

Here are some great ideas you might also love:

31 days of school lunches

There’s even a printable PDF with a checklist so you can be the organized domestic goddess you’ve always dreamed of.

What’s this got to with photography?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing but I figured if I was panicking, some of you are too.  Let’s be in this together.  If you have any ideas for lunches, or anything else for that matter hit reply and let me know!

Before I leave you I will offer one photography tip:  Mamas, GET IN THE FRAME!  I totally understand being nervous or unwilling to get in front of the camera but do it anyway.  Get in there and snuggle your babies; hand the camera over to somebody else for a change.  I am being brave and including an image of me sitting on a dock in my BATHING SUIT….my BATHING SUIT!!  Your kids don’t care if you don’t look perfect, haven’t brushed your hair, haven’t lost those last 10 pounds…they just want to look back when they’re older and know you were there.  Give them that gift.