Ok friends…this is a for real super serious question.  What gets you in your gut?  Colour or black and white images?  This is an eternal struggle for me.  Living on the west coast in Vancouver BC we get stunning greenery ALL YEAR ROUND and these paired with the deep blues of our lakes and oceans are a pretty irresistable combination.  But….BUT!  I am forever drawn to the emotion and soulfulness of a classic black and white portrait.  There is something about a black and white image that highlights the connection between big people and their wee ones and they are always my favourite images from a family photography session.  Gah!  What’s a girl to do?  Rich vibrant colour portraits?  Or moody timeless black and white portraits?  Help me out gang.  What say you?

Langley BC family session southsurrey-bc-six-month-session-quinn South Surrey BC maternity session Port Moody BC family session